"3 steps to help you get a free PS4"

Discover How To Easily Get A Free Playstation 4

Sony's latest games console, the Playstation 4, is the most powerful games console ever. With ultra-fast processors, advanced graphics performance and unrivalled system memory, the PS4 makes gaming faster, bigger and more innovative than ever before.

The price tag is also big, with the Playstation 4 costing a whopping £349 at launch. While this is certainly less than the Playstation 3 cost at launch, it is still a significant amount of money to pay, especially with the financial difficulties many of us are facing in today's world.

Playstation 4 What if there was a way to get a brand new Playstation 4 for free? You would jump at the chance right? Of course you would! That's exactly what I did when I first discovered this method. I actually used this method to get a free Playstation 3 back in 2007, and now that the PS4 is finally here, I'm going to help you get one completely free!

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What's The Catch?

There's no catch, there really is a legitimate way to get a brand new Playstation 4 absolutely free. It's called affiliate marketing, and lots of big companies use it to gain new customers. If you sign up to one of these companies through an affiliate site, the company pays the affiliate site a commission. The affiliate site then uses part of this commission to get your free PS4. If you refer some of your friends and family to sign up to one of these big companies, the affiliate site gets more commission, and you get more money towards your free PS4. Once you have referred enough people, the affiliate site will send out your free Playstation 4!
For a more detailed explanation of how affiliate marketing works, visit the How It Works page.

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